Traffic Sensor (Telraam)

We have an AI powered traffic sensor tracking hourly vehicle counts (during daylight hours) with the ability to distinguish between two-wheelers (mopeds, motorbikes and bicycles), pedestrians, cars and heavy vehicles (vans, lorries and flat bed vehicles).

The sensor can show hourly vehicle counts, direction of travel (Northbound or Southbound) and speed of travel. 

For consideration: Nearly all data has been gathered outside of school term time. As the days get shorter we will see a drop in overall traffic counts due to the sensor only being functional during daylight hours. 

A summary of the data: 

  • A daily week day average 4150 vehicles, that is a vehicle every 20 seconds throughout the entire day for a residential road with less than ~225 houses in the entire Abbey Road neighbourhood.
  • Vehicle counts spike earlier in the day on weekdays, but at weekends the problem is worse throughout the middle of the day exceeding weekday averages. 
  • Direction of travel shows in mornings a majority heading Northbound before becoming an even split North and South bound by the evening. 
  • Pedestrians make up less than 5% of travel, with 80% of all travel comprised of heavy goods vehicles and cars.

Comparison with other Telraam Traffic Sensors within a 10km radius against 35 other local area access roads across SW London: 

  •  Pedestrians: AVERAGE 
  • Two Wheelers: HIGH 
  • Cars: HIGH 
  • Heavy Vehicles: HIGH  

Peak Moments: 

  • Total – 25th August 17:00 = 523 (1 vehicle every 7 seconds) 
  • Cars – 26th July 17:00 = 427 
  • Heavy Vehicles – 22nd August 15:00 = 142
  • Two-wheelers – 23rd August 16:00 = 270
  • Pedestrians – 29th August 08:00 = 40

For anyone wanting to explore the data further: Telraam | Abbey Road

And for anyone curious regarding privacy of the sensor: The sensor only captures objects relating to speed and size, to read more please check out this link: What about privacy? ( 

Please check out the screenshots and week totals of data captured for the week period 29th August – 5th September when this update was published:  

  • Pedestrians: 1268 (3.46%)
  • Two-wheelers: 5469 (14.93%) 
  • Cars: 24901 (67.96%)
  • Heavy vehicles: 5000 (13.65%) 
Daily vehicle counts between 29th August and 5th September
24 hour average comparing weekends vs weekdays
24 hr average Northbound v Southbound
Modal Split
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